Our Philadelphia Location

Cradle of the Revolution—”Where it all began”

Philadelphia, with its rich history and unique character, has always been a city of innovation. This “City that Loves You Back” was the stage of many great events that changed the course of history, and it continues to be an important piece of the American landscape. Our base in Philadelphia allows us to service one of the fastest growing markets in the nation.

Nationally acclaimed for its budding real-estate market and commercial sector, Philadelphia has proudly been named “The Next Great City” by real-estate experts and cultural professors alike. Home to the new 57 story Comcast Center, many national corporations are beginning to call Philadelphia home. Untra is proud to work in a city with 325 years of experience in entrepreneurship and enabling companies to grow, just a few blocks from “where it all began.”


Some interesting facts about the Greater Philadelphia Region:

  • It has the largest freshwater port in the world
  • Nearly 25% of the nation’s population lives within a day’s drive of center city
  • Venture capitalists annually invest $568 million within the region
  • With both the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers at bay, Philadelphia has gained an international reputation for its inter-collegiate and professional rowing opportunities


Many U.S. “firsts” are associated with Philadelphia:

  • First public school in 1689
  • Colonies’ first public library established in 1731 by Benjamin Franklin.
  • First volunteer fire company in 1736
  • First novel published in America, 1744
  • America’s first hospital in 1755
  • America’s first stock exchange in 1746
  • First fire insurance company in 1752
  • First life insurance company in 1759
  • First Continental Congress in 1774
  • First American flag in 1777
  • First commercial bank, chartered in 1781
  • America’s first paved turnpike
  • First World’s Fair in the United States in 1876
  • Pennsylvania’s first commercial television station in 1941